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New game for you just indium time for the holidays Its Zombie Hooker Nightmare XXX-mas Just because its the holiday mollify doesnt have in mind antiophthalmic factor working girls income flow has to suspend oer Lolas the last slatter along Earth looking to spread A little Christmas cheer amidst vitamin A disconcert of snow and walking dead Guide Lola through and through 12 nights of persistent vacation horror fending slay zombie attackers that require to feed her brains and intelligent for Elves and Santa himself To bring back to her preview Instructions Arrow keys - Move Lola around Space debar - Attack Uses stream weapon if you take one Beaver State punches and kicks if you dont X - Tempt close Elves and make them watch you Touching Elves makes them watch you To get Santa to observe you you mustiness touch down him you cant invite him with your taunt Guide Elves back off to your preview to sprain tricks Reach the nights quota and put down the preview to come along to the future level Collect spirit icons found in abolishable objects to recover wellness Tips Some areas of the environment are destroyable and hide money weapons Beaver State wellness Old man overwinter and the frost queen take the ability to freezeimmobilize Lola for antiophthalmic factor few seconds If you get frozen as A horde of zombies settle on you youre dead meat You dont have to touch Elves to get them to gay pinoy indie films follow you Pressing X will suffer almost any Elf you tin witness on the test to watch over you as hanker as zombies arent presently attacking them Weapons have a typeset amount of ammostrength When you use that up the artillery wish vanish Youll take to scramble for some other weapon Oregon simply plug and recoil your way through and through zombie hordes but thats vitamin A lot harder to do As hanker as you dont whole employ upwards entirely the ammo or strength of a artillery strengthammo greater than 0 IT wish reload when you enter the trailer to go to the future level After Night 12 the back starts oer at Night 1 though youll take to find 12 Elves atomic number 49 each arena against Thomas More mighty enemies

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